Tip of the Day Archive

December 4, 2021

Don’t let past relationship hurts or even deeper losses colour all your future with mistrust and fear. Life’s too short to keep looking backwards.

December 3, 2021

Don’t spread curiosity concerns that could spark gossip about new neighbours, to your children nor to others, without proven and worrisome facts.

December 2, 2021

Don’t risk a great sibling relationship. Discuss some necessary chores, for fairness’ sake only.


December 1, 2021

It takes a community to combat bullying among students, by speaking to the parents, school authorities, and the relevant teachers.

November 30, 2021

There’s more to achieving sexual pleasure than judging men based on penis size.

November 29, 2021

All family members should know the risks for someone living with a peanut allergy.

November 27, 2021

There can be light and happiness at the end of the divorce tunnel for men and women alike.

November 26, 2021

Independence and self-realization are proud achievements. Don’t cloud it with unnecessary worries and distrust.

November 25, 2021

When a relationship’s going nowhere, one of you will call the game or get going alone.

November 24, 2021

If family tensions are affecting those fragile or overwhelmed, withdraw.

November 23, 2021

Until a person values themself, their search for romance and connection keeps repeating its negative pattern.

November 22, 2021

There are counsellors, therapists, coaches, and books to help you improve a present relationship. Or achieve a better life for yourself.

November 20, 2021

Alcoholism kills relationships. Recovery is possible. Check out addiction counsellors, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), professional behavioural treatment, and “Stop Drinking” books.

November 19, 2021

Never rush into a relationship just to have one. A man who deeply loves and respects you is worth waiting for.

November 18, 2021

Teenage twins can be doubly challenging during physical/emotional changes. Parental understanding/guidance is key.

November 17, 2021

If you love/trust someone much younger or older, live your life and relationship without fear of judgment.

November 16, 2021

Moving far from a loving wife and small children for a “dream job,” has marital risks. Set a six-month “trial” period.

November 15, 2021

Any person, male or female, who realizes that they’re in a controlling/abusive relationship, should plan a safe exit and then inform police.

November 13, 2021

Moving in together may initially cause a couple to experience insecurity about sharing space and belongings.

November 12, 2021

Wherever sexual innuendoes exist, there are gossips, disapprovers, attention-grabbers, and over-reactors.

November 11, 2021

Cheating right up to the wedding day calls for discussion/honesty about why/whether to commit to your relationship or divorce.

November 10, 2021

Adult children need their parents’ emotional support, but it should be bolstered by confidence in their ability to make their own important decisions.

November 9, 2021

Whenever someone dithers over a major life decision, without any resolution, they either don’t want to answer or prefer to blame someone else.

November 8, 2021

Despite one partner’s affair, a marriage can refresh and thrive, if both parties commit to mutual improvements, and renewed love.

November 6, 2021

Accepting a partner’s cheating can be as emotionally harmful to your children as to you.

November 5, 2021

If your in-laws show no interest in your marriage or well-being, find supports among your family and your trusted friends.

November 4, 2021

The twinship bond has a genetic base, and can’t be “created” by non-twins.

November 3, 2021

Even religious/cultural communities appreciate love marriages chosen by the bride and groom.

November 2, 2021

When partners planning to cohabitate each have their own child, conversations/preparations between each unit, and the whole group are crucial.

November 1, 2021

Busy working parents need agreed time-spots for connecting emotionally/physically. Ask grandparents for help, not distraction.

October 30, 2021

Complaining about your marriage is counter-productive, making you feel worse. Consider with your partner what you both can do to improve it.

October 29, 2021

Children of divorce need support adjusting, and constant assurance of being loved by both parents.

October 28, 2021

Parents’ role in their adult children’s relationships is to be supportive, offering advice only when asked, unless abuse is evident/suspected.

October 27, 2021

No matter your age, an “attraction” is like a crush until you get to know someone better.

October 26, 2021

Silence/lies about a “secret” child through cheating calls for re-thinking the whole relationship.

October 25, 2021

Toxic relationships play havoc with peace of mind. Protect yourself and your own choices.

October 23, 2021

The present and future are what matters most in a continuing relationship, especially when love has persisted throughout.

October 22, 2021

Women’s apparel reflects their taste, NOT any interest in being objectified or ogled.

October 21, 2021

When someone says that you’re “too good” for them, it’s their lying excuse for   being already involved with someone else. And trying to wrongly put the blame on you. Be relieved that it’s over.

October 20, 2021

Extended family time is important, but couple time is the bedrock of your relationship.

October 19, 2021

Don’t obsess on a past love if you’re staying married.

October 18, 2021

If he/she is stringing someone else along, you may be facing the same fate.

October 16, 2021

Disclosing something you’re uncertain about, may risk your friendship.

October 15, 2021

Early marital fights signal it’s time to learn better ways to communicate your feelings and respect your partner’s.

October 14, 2021

When pregnancy’s being discussed, both partners should expect equal involvement in parenting.

October 13, 2021

Under heavy relationship stress, be open with your partner, so you both get a chance at resolving it.

October 12, 2021

Domestic violence from a female or male is equally heinous.

October 11, 2021

Trust yourself, and trust in your growth and learned experiences.

October 9, 2021

When a date/friend/partner offers only “bread crumbs” of interest, end the relationship.

October 8, 2021

A young marriage based on years of being “best friends” calls for taking time to both be sure that you’re not just afraid to let the other move on.

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