Tip of the Day Archive

August 25, 2021

Every source of grief is hurtful. Focus on the strength and joys you have in the present.

August 24, 2021

When a close relative/friend is divorcing, be supportive. Wait till they settle before resuming friendship with their ex.

August 23, 2021

Divorced people with parenting responsibilities need increased awareness of children’s adjustment plus their own.

August 21, 2021

Enjoy your First Love. Give love unconditionally when the person and time is right.


August 20, 2021

When seeking counselling, research the types offered and the counsellor’s approach, to find the “right fit.”

August 19, 2021

Couples’ therapy can help a marriage thrive anew, together. Joining group sex instead, risks trust and respect.

August 18, 2021

Shy? Approach a potential date with a smile, a “Hello,” your name, and a simple comment. Build from there, slowly.

August 17, 2021

Separated/divorced parents owe children their right to a continued secure relationship with their other parent, if at all possible.

August 16, 2021

Even loving partners make foolish mistakes. Explain the hurt, then make peace.

August 14, 2021

Life experience in dating teaches strong lessons about who/what to trust in new relationships. Stay alert to signals from new people, especially those who move fast and up close.

August 13, 2021

Family members should be alert to divisive attitudes/actions that can destroy relationships between three generations.

August 12, 2021

When meeting new potential dates/friends. ask about their past highlights, current interests/hopes, and listen.

August 11, 2021

Family members’ off-putting habits are sometimes cries for help. Reach out. But with sheer rudeness, distance.

August 10, 2021

Worried about teens’ behaviour? Ask questions, listen, find help together.

August 9, 2021

Grown children who want to protect a dating parent need information about the parent’s own safety measures and goals, then back off.

August 7, 2021

Greet positive family revelations with gratitude and sensitivity.

August 6, 2021

Estrangement usually causes innocent children to lose out. Apologizing can open the door. Worth trying.

August 5, 2021

A miserable marriage warrants counselling, health checks, a trial separation. If nothing helps, move on.


August 4, 2021

Marriage won’t thrive without spouses’ efforts to hear/respect each other, discuss problems, share intimacy, feel loved.

August 3, 2021

Don’t give up on yourself due to a loveless marriage without partnership. Get legal advice and personal therapy.

August 2, 2021

Sometimes we must heal the relationship with ourselves before moving forward. Professional expertise is needed, e.g., psychology, psychiatry etc.

July 31, 2021

Distrust being swept up by excessive flattery and purposeful grooming for another’s wishes.

July 30, 2021

A vulnerable adult child still needs parental love/help.

July 29, 2021

Learn someone’s character one insight at a time.


July 28, 2021

The ages of 40s-through-50s can be a negative turning point for those who take their spouses for granted. Listen/discuss/speak love.

July 27, 2021

Couples usually want a partner’s support and empathy for issues that arise at the workplace or regarding their families. They don’t want instant solutions ordered by the other person.

July 26, 2021

When meeting new potential dates/friends, ask about their past highlights, current interests/hopes, and listen.

July 24, 2021

Value your own self-worth while seeking future love.

July 23, 2021

Grandparents and parents should be open to discussion about any problematic issues that could interfere with healthy, loving grandparent-grandchild relationships.

July 22, 2021

Shared communication is essential for a healthy long-term relationship, especially when issues call for compromise on divided opinions.

July 21, 2021

Relationships after the experience of divorce and lifestyle changes, need frequent/open communication about what matters to each person.

July 20, 2021

Divorced women and men equally need to commit to positivity and open communication with a partner.

July 19, 2021

Assess your personal/emotional/financial needs now, before deciding whether to return to an office-based job, or stay home-based if possible.

July 17, 2021

Surmounting alcoholism opens the door to the better life you seek.

July 16, 2021

Being a supportive friend means giving of yourself when it’s needed and staying thoughtfully out of the way when it’s not.

July 15, 2021

Financial infidelity that cheats a partner of their own money, is a warning to couples to handle finances together and with discussion.

July 14, 2021

The time to end grieving over a person who hurt you deeply is when you recognize that you’ve already moved on.

July 13, 2021

Persistent health-related symptoms make seeing a doctor your priority. But seeking friendship over loneliness is a mental-health need.

July 12, 2021

Seize the opportunity when you sense that a friend/loved one needs immediate mental health support.

July 10, 2021

Relationships thrive on commitment, trust, love and respect, irrespective of shared backgrounds if the former are absent.

July 9, 2021

A negative attitude that women avoid relationships prevents friendships that reveal a woman’s true interests.

July 8, 2021

A devoted pet is worth your time and loving care.

July 7, 2021

Parental alienation can also affect grandparents when an angry ex-partner divides child from parent.

July 6, 2021

A sudden break-up calls for actively securing your parenting and legal/financial rights and strengthening determination/self-confidence for a better future.

July 5, 2021

Marriage ended abruptly is usually deeply hurtful. But recovery is helped considerably through friendships, comfort, revived self-confidence, and therapy.

July 3, 2021

The “new normal” relies on what each person feels comfortable about doing or avoiding as the pandemic’s effects lessen.


July 1, 2021

Parents experiencing alienation should seek both professional therapy and legal advice, and keep reaching out gently to the children involved.

June 30, 2021

Living with emotional battering isn’t a relationship, it’s a constant physical/mental health risk. A solution is necessary, at least for yourself and daughter.

June 29, 2021

When one person in a relationship makes unilateral decisions about major changes, it often leads to separation.

June 28, 2021

Friends who disagree on vaccinations should avoid close contact during the threat of COVID-19 and variant infections.