Family Matters


Here’s my daughter Lisi Tesher, with me, which is a pretty frequent occurrence. We work together.

Lisi’s my first-line editor who checks my columns, and then sends them to both syndication and individual newspapers. She also manages my website and does research on new resources and books that can help readers with specific problems.

Years ago, I asked Lisi to leave her job on a cruise ship touring the Caribbean, to finish typing my book, The Dionnes. I was awaiting back surgery and would be dictating while lying on the floor.

If she agreed, she’d have to leave those sunny climes for being house-bound with me in mid-winter. Her arrival home forged a new partnership between us.

Having discovered a taste for communication, she went on to launch her own relationship column which was syndicated in subway newspapers in Canada.

She also co-hosted a Talk Radio call-in show with me, and we’ve been invited over the years to deliver mother-daughter talks about relationships.